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Why using online dating and Matrimony apps might be risky and how to be safe while doing so

The best places to find gullible individuals online to con are on dating and marriage applications. Fraudulent persons have more opportunity to gain peoples confidence and defraud them when they are connected to them in the virtual world. People looking for partners or companions frequently utilize these sites, making them easy prey for criminals. Nearly all marriage-related and dating apps are now populated by these alleged romance scammers. According to a research put together by the Economic Times, there are now 70% more romance fraudsters than there were 50 years ago. To entice potential prospects, they make false profiles of individuals. Through their interactions, they are able to develop a certain amount of trust with these people. They then ask for money and are nowhere to be found once the transfer takes place. Gender, religion, or race are invisible to fraud. In a another incidence of deception, a woman connected with a person living in the US using a matrimonial app and spoke with them for almost four months. The man was meant to go to Amritsar for the wedding after the pair chose to be married. On the condition that he would refund the entire amount when he arrived in the city, he requested the woman to send a sizable amount of cash. The woman gave up and sent a sizable quantity of money without realizing what would happen. The man failed to show up and disappeared without a trace. When she realized something wasnt right, the lady decided to dig into it and looked up his profile.
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