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Progress Through Technology

SMAC Principle:
Social + Mobile + Analytics + Cloud
Social Data refers to the userss information harnessed through their activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc and has a huge strategic importance which when put to work; can give valued insights to view social dialogue at both macro and micro levels. 
With the rising importance of mobile devices in customers’ lives, businesses are constantly seeking new and improved ways to leverage this trend. A large percentage of consumers perform their searches on mobile devices. 
Being multi-faceted, Analytics combines methodology with focussed results. From data mining, predictive analysis to AI and machine learning -this dynamic is leading organizations to create a centralized analytics unit that makes it possible to share analytic resources efficiently and effectively. 
With revolutionary technologies like IoT, AR, AI, Big Data Analytics, etc and transform the current business process, organizations need heavy computing power, storage and IT infrastructure. That is when the cloud is a logical and optimal solution.