Claim Investigation

Claims Investigations are unfortunately compulsory because, though several claims are legitimate, several are not.In the Claims Investigation process the Insurance Companies, Insurance Examiners or Background Check Investigators acquire information to scrutinize and investigate a claim. It requires inspecting documents, tracing witnesses, Interacting and cross-examining people, inspecting assets and properties such as vehicles, accident sites and actual physical locations as and when necessary.



  • The expert Investigators may even obtain photographs, videos, inquire the victims, onlookers, employers and examine more if required. Background Investigators always gather proof or evidence to detect whether a particular claim is legitimate.
  • Give us a chance to help our customers with it.
  1. Insurance Death Claim Investigation
  2. Address Checks
  3. Identity and Personal Checks
  4. Family Checks and Financial Checks
  5. Medical summary Checks
  6. Past and Last Illness Details Checks
  7. Neighborhood checks
  8. Information collection on above aspects
  9. Proof & Evidence gathering on above aspects
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