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About Us

Our Vision

4SL Services was converted into 4SL Background Check Pvt. Ltd. and was re- launched along with its sister concern Red Check Risk Management Pvt. Ltd., with a fresh vision and conviction. Incorporated with global infrastructure, dynamic ideations, avant- garde methodologies, empirical technique and competent and proficient team, 4SL Background Check Pvt. Ltd. and Red Check Risk Management Pvt. Ltd., unitedly desire to create infinite opportunities and sustainable advancements within, making clientele contentment into an achievable reality.  


Our Mission

With a ceaseless perseverance, committed diligence, reliable preciseness, tenacious determination and precious wisdom, the Company recognised itself as a significant operator in the sector of Verification in India. Eventually, with the passage of time, we are now, one of the largest service providers of Field Verification Services in the Eastern-region of India. We are assertively committed to providing quality service by implementing our principal values of Professionalism, Courtesy, Responsibility, Respect, Honour and Integrity to the fullest.


Our Honour and Integrity

We perform our investigation in an approach that pursues the truth without chasing the desired result. We intensely believe in following the inevitable path through the trail of evidence and not distorting the truth under any circumstances.

Our conviction lies in rooting for what is right and taking appropriate actions accordingly. There are no justifications for compromising one’s ethics and moralities simply to achieve a purpose. Our investigations are conducted following predominant values with resolution and righteousness.


Our Courtesy

The pursuit of definite truth leaves no excuse for prejudgements and preconceptions. Our each and every client is a distinct entity, worthy of equal respect and value that any individual deserves. Every client is an integral part of our professional family.


Our Professionalism

We firmly believe in providing advanced and enhanced quality of service and deploy professionals who fetch extensive and abundant wealth of knowledge and assignments to the desk.


Our Responsibility

We understand and realize our clients who employ us to respect and safeguard their privacy and maintain utmost confidentiality through and through.


4SL Services as a preferred partner

We humbly take pride in being the only entrusted partner to conduct field services in North East region of the country where no other competitors have been able to effectively satisfy and oblige to their clients’ requirements. We offer one of the best solutions in the global and pan India market. 4SL Background Check Pvt. Ltd. offers eminent services in-

  1. Employment Screening

  2. Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

  3. Tenant Verification

  4. Domestic Help Verification

  5. Security Guard Verification

  6. Driver Verification

  7. Blue Collar Verification

  8. Banking KYC Verification

  9. Insurance and Claim Investigation

  10. Self-Verification

  11. E-signature and Stamp Verification

We thrive to offer authentication verification through technology driven application of methodologies and technique.



4SL Background Check Pvt. Ltd. is affiliated by- 

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and NASSCOM

4SL Background Check Pvt. Ltd. has evolved with time widening 3 wings under one roof which are: 

  • 4SL Background Screening called as 4SL Background Check Pvt. Ltd.
  • 4SL Technologies Solutions called as 4SL Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • 4SL Risk Management called as Red Check Risk Management Pvt. Ltd.

At the moment, we are operating in full swing with our resourceful branches in Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar-I, Bhubaneshwar-II, Bangaluru and Kolkata. 

We endeavour in optimizing our client’s satisfaction and making 4SL Services as transparent and consummate as possible.